So, There was a Speech or Something…

State of the Union addresses tend to be pretty dull, and this year’s was no exception. The one good thing to come out of the State of the Union speech this year is that Trump’s desire to deliver it ended the government shutdown. His insatiable need to have his orange mug in front of cameras in a pageant held for him while words come out of his puckered-butthole of a mouth was worth more to him than getting 1/5 of the money he would need for his monument to white people.

Lord Dampnut wasn’t done agitating for his wall however, he continued his multi-year effort to mainstream talking points taken from white supremacist websites. For example, Trump argued that “politicians and donors push for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards.” Which firstly, is not true. No one in any position of power has advocated for “open borders”. Also, the line is a direct echo of the white supremacist accusations that diversity is something “elites” force on white people.

Trump then went to his classic lie that immigrants are the only source of crime in America, claiming that a surge of crime is coming over the border. Granted, crime is bad, but Trump’s implication that crime is a result of immigration is false. Immigrants, both documented and undocumented, commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans.

The most telling part of the speech though, might be the line: “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation,” Trump said. His speechwriter I’m sure patted themselves on the back for the rest of the day for coming up with.

That seems to imply that Trump is willing to tank the economy or jeopardize Americans’ safety if special counsel Robert Mueller, federal prosecutors in New York, or House Democrats insist on investigating the president’s endless crimes and infinite corruption.

Making a threat like that during the State of the Union is a bold gambit, but it also shows how nervous Trump is. The circumstances of his inauguration, which have long been believed to have been a pass-through for all manner of money-laundering, are finally getting a look from the U.S. attorney in New York and House Democrats. Michael Cohen, his dirty former lawyer, has agreed to testify to Congress. Mueller’s incitements keep getting closer and closer to him. It’s getting harder and harder for Trump and his (so far unindicted) lackeys plead ignorance and he is running out of room to plead innocence.

Let’s hope that by this time next year, Trump is sweating bullets through the speech, or giving it from a small room at club Fed.

Grabbing Him by the Posse

It’s Mueller Time!

A federal grand jury impaneled by Robert Mueller has indicted longtime Republican dirty trickster and wannabe Bond villain Roger Stone. Stone was arrested Friday morning by FBI agents (who haven’t been paid in over a month thanks to Trump’s government shutdown) and charged with one count of obstruction of justice, five counts of making false statements to federal officials, and one count of witness tampering.

In the indictment, Mueller alleges that in the summer of 2016, Stone spoke with “senior members of the Trump campaign” about damaging information that WikiLeaks obtained on then Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Mueller also alleges that Stone was claimed both publicly and privately that he had been in direct contact with WikiLeaks. He later insisted that he never once communicated with the organization about the 2016 campaign.

Stone then lied about his interactions with WikiLeaks to the House Intelligence Committee and “attempted to persuade a witness to provide false testimony to and withhold pertinent information from the investigations”.

The indictment also claims that Stone regularly talked with Trump campaign officials about upcoming WikiLeaks information drops of former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails.

When he appeared in court later in the day, Stone said that he planned to plead “not guilty” saying he has been “falsely accused” and calling the investigation “politically motivated.” He also evoked his “hero” Richard Nixon by doing the famous “Nixon pose” in front of the gathered crowd.

Because when you deny committing crimes, the person you want to evoke is Richard Nixon…

Stone is the sixth person in Donald Trump’s orbit to be charged, convicted, or have pleaded guilty in Mueller’s investigation into links between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian officials. In total, the Mueller investigation has filed over 100 criminal counts against dozens of individuals and three companies.

Boy, this witch hunt sure is turning up a lot of witches.

The Spy Who Knew Nothing

The Trump/Russia story got a shot in the arm recently with the revelation that there was a formal FBI counterintelligence investigation into Lord Dampnut regarding whether or not he was actively working for the Kremlin. Take a moment to let that sink in. The sitting president of the United States being under investigation by our intelligence agencies to determine if they’re working for a country who has been antagonistic to the United States. Not just a “fellow traveler” (someone whose interests align, but no formal relationship necessarily exists) or a “useful idiot” (self-explanatory), but an actual asset.

That’s the situation we’re in right now.

It’s understandable why people might think this given what is already publicly known. It’s been an open secret that the Russian Mafia has been laundering money through Trumps properties since the late 80s, Russian oligarchs have been keeping Trump afloat financially since American banks stopped lending to him after he went bankrupt several times, not to mention all of the shenanigans during the 2016 election and after.

Add to these the recent revelations about the lengths that Trump has been going to order to hide records of his private “conversations” with Vladimir Putin, even confiscating the notes of American interpreters or only allowing Putin’s interpreters in their meetings.

I could go on for days. Millions of words have been written in the press outlining Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia.

But does all of this mean that he’s an actual asset of the Kremlin? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a backhanded way of defending him, I still think the most likely scenario is that he’s just in the “useful idiot” category. He is just that stupid. Trump’s primary goal in life has been to be an oligarch, so it’s easy for me to imagine him getting manipulated by Russian oligarchs who flatter him for their own means. Especially given that no one in America took him all that seriously until he won the Republican Party nomination in 2016 and had the extreme good fortune to run against the worst Democratic Party candidate they could have possibly come up with.

Also, given other recent revelations about Russian influence in the NRA and the organization that holds the National Prayer Breakfast, it seems that Russia is putting in a lot of money trying to compromise American politics and government.

We’ll hopefully get a much better idea once Mueller comes out with his report. But who the hell knows? These are crazy, scary times.