Let Them Eat Cake

It’s though out there being a Trump supporter. Trump supporters have to worry about harassment or discrimination when entering spaces that may be bipartisan or—gasp—liberal. Apparently, enough Trump supporters are seeking safe spaces that a new app, 63red Safe, has launched. The goal? To help pro-Trump conservatives find these safe spaces, including restaurants and other businesses, where they won’t have to worry about being maligned for supporting Donald Trump.


The app, which you can find in the Apple store, is basically Yelp but for people who wear MAGA hats while eating their chicken wings.

Scott Wallace, the creator of the app, appeared on Fox & Friends (where else?) last week to discuss his intentions with the app. “We wanted to make sure that people could let others know what restaurants may have a political bent,” he said. “We’re not looking to try and find restaurants that are ‘conservative’ or ‘pro-Trump.’”

Wallace alleges that Trump supporters are likely to be targeted by “socialist goon squads.” “I think Antifa was nothing compared between now and what’s coming in 2020,” he explained. “And I’m deeply concerned.”

“We want businesses to understand that there’s no money in politics,” Wallace continued while talking about his app that rates businesses based on their politics. “We want to make sure everyone’s safe out there.”

Well, so much for the Conservative “alpha male.”

Conservatives are notorious for mocking “safe spaces,” making this ironic to begin with. Unfortunately, I’m willing to bet that “everyone” doesn’t actually apply to everyone. Since Trump’s presidency started, rates of hate crimes based on sexual orientation, race, and religion have all gone up. A couple of people who work for Lord Dampnut had their dinner ruined.

Imagine the cognitive dissonance it takes to support a politician who locks children seeking asylum in prison camps a like they were a demigod, only to want a safe space to wear a MAGA hat without having so deal with public scrutiny.

While trans people are legitimately worried about being able to safely use public bathrooms, and same-sex couples are in fear of being attacked, and people of color fear having the cops called on them for simply existing, Trump supporters are worried about “socialist goon squads.”

If this were a comedy routine, it would feel too on-the-nose.

And Another Thing…

Hey, did you hear that Gillette single handedly destroyed masculinity?

Earlier this week, Gillette released a web ad that dared to suggest that men should treat women with respect, step in when they see other men not treating women with respect, and generally set good examples for boys so they don’t grow up to be giant dickwads.  Much like the Nike campaign before it, this inspired conservatives and “alpha males” on the internet to light their hair (and probably their Gillette razors in some cases) on fire.

Their claim? That Gillette was “villainizing” masculinity and the company wants men to emasculate themselves on the altar of the dreaded SOCIAL JUSTICE. Demonstrating the need for the ad in the first place and once again exposing the fraud that is right-wing masculinity. I mean really, the people who spend their days calling other people “snowflakes” on twitter once again have become wilting flowers over a commercial. I know the schadenfreude I feel is probably not in keeping with the message of the advertisement, but turnabout is fair play.

In other news, the Clemson football team got to visit the White House after winning the college football national championship. Unfortunately, because Donald Trump kept his promise to run the government like one of his businesses, said government is shut down and most of the White House staff is either on furlough or working without pay.

To make it up to the Tigers, Lord Dampnut decided to throw a banquet of Big Macs, French fries, and metric fuckload other fast food and served on silver platters. Because everything Trump does has to be bizarre and/or terrifying. I won’t say much about the actual banquet, but there is something I noticed while watching Trump’s comments before the banquet on the news: Why the hell are Trump’s suits always too big for him? Dude’s the President of the United States and a billionaire (allegedly), he can’t get a tailored suit? Why has no one ever shown him how to properly wear a tie? Why hasn’t he ever consulted with a stylist to do something about that pile of shit on his head? He’s an embarrassment just on looks alone.

Apologies, I must be salty today…

Special Snowflakes

Snowflakes may not be so unique after all.

While no one snowflake is exactly the same as another on a molecular level, it turns out that all snowflakes fall into one of 35 different shapes. Just take a look at this infographic of the different snowflake shapes from chemistry teacher Andy Brunnin, who authors the blog Compound Interest:

The graphic uses data from the global classification of snow crystals, ice crystals, and solid precipitation published in the journal Atmospheric Research in 2013.

A snowflake starts as a tiny grain of dust or pollen floating in a cloud. Water vapor from the air sticks to the grain and freezes, forming into a tiny hexagonal crystal. From there, more vapor condenses on the crystal as it travels to the ground, and the snowflake’s “arms” take shape.

Smithsonian reported that, though snowflakes are stunning to observe, scientists classify snowflakes and analyze how they form to better understand how crystals may be used in a host of applications, from silicon to semiconductors in computers and electronics.