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Moses Was the Founding Father According Texas Textbooks

Texas textbooks will now teach public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses.

On Friday the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education voted along party lines 10-5 to approve the wholly  inaccurate textbooks. The vote signals a victory for Christian conservatives in Texas, and a disappointing defeat for historical accuracy and the education of children.

The textbooks were written to align with instructional standards that the Board of Education approved back in 2010 with the explicit intention of forcing social studies instruction to adhere to a Christian agenda, requiring teachers to emphasize America’s so-called “Christian heritage.”

Credible historians warn the misguided attempt to suggest biblical origins for the Constitution would lead students to believe that “Moses was the first American.”

Scholars claim the decision to include the biblical figure of Moses (who probably never existed, let alone invented democracy, not that the Bible ever claims he did) in social studies education is part of a concerted effort by Christian extremists to promote the idea that the United States is a “redeemer nation” giving a divine justification for supposed American exceptionalism.

Despite the efforts of Christian conservatives to pervert and twist U.S. history to satisfy their religious superstitions, the fact remains Moses was not the first American, and America is not a Christian nation.

Is There A Skull On Mars? (No)

The rocks on Mars have become something of a Rorschach test: Those who believe the planet was once home to some form of intelligent life see signs of it everywhere; others, not so much.

The image above either shows a humanoid skull partially buried in the sands of Mars…or it’s just another rock.

Although the photo was taken several years ago by the panoramic camera on the Spirit rover, the website Paranormal Crucible recently posted a video of the image on YouTube digitally altering the image to make it look even more like a skull.

“This obviously confirms that giant humanoid beings, once roamed the Martian landscape,” the website claims.

NASA lost communication with Spirit in March 2010 after more than six years of operating on the planet.

NFL Picks: Week 12

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